Abilities are part of the Combat.

The abilities fall into two groups: magic abilites and non-magic.

Information about magic abilites could be find here: Magic.

Here we would like to focus on non-magic abilites, though it may be mice to add copy ome information about magic ones too.

Non-magic abilites Edit

The non-magic abilites fall into two groups: active (can be used during the battle; e.g. penetrative slash) and passive (e.g. accuracy up).

Here is the list:

The following info has been scraped from in game menus as well as other wiki pages and is by no means definitive

skill name req accuision max lvl skill text
active skills
vampirism - 1? Heal for 7% of auto attack damage. lasts 2 minutes. cooldown 600 seconds
slash 1 1st lvl craft, then drop 2?
penetrating slash 1 1st craft ?
shield bash 1,shield 1st craft ?
berserk 1 craftable 5?
bleed 4 craftable 5?
scream - ? ?
taunt 3 1st craft ?
defensive stance 5 craftable 5?
evasive maneuvres 5 craftable 5?
armor up 3 craftable 5?
iron will 1 craftable 5?
passive skills
accuracy - drop (F1r4?) PQ 1-4?
defense up - drop (FL2?) PQ 5-14
health - drop (F4?)
attack up - PQ 20-34
phantom strikes - drop (F3?)
spiked armor - drop (F2R5? F3?)

also see this page ☀

Moreover, at level 20 of inscription you can find some more passive abilites.