Adventures are a passive way of earning combat XP, each adventure correlates to a room in the tower and they share the same potential drops. You will increase the XP gained from adventures at specific 'thresholds' every 5 levels of attack/defense for physical adventures and every 4 levels of magic for magic adventures. New adventures will be unlocked every 2 thresholds, it is unknown if unlocking a new floor of adventures inherently increases XP gained.

New Floor of adventures opens up for the player if the that particular floor has been opened by the community and the player reached certain stats (levels).

The formula for opening new floor of aventures is




every 8 magic (with new thresholds every 4 magic levels).

Floor of Adventures Attack/Defense Level


Magic Level
1 1 1
2 11 9
3 21 17
4 31 25
5 41 33
6 51 41