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Combat is 1 of the 7 methods of progression in the game. Fighting awards you with xp in up to 4 categories, as well as drops. There are 7 tabs on the combat page. These are:

  • Personal Quest
  • The Tower
  • Equipment & Stats
  • Abilities
  • Adventures
  • Group
  • Battle Log

Personal Quest Edit

Users fight alone in their personal quest, advancing through waves and receiving xp and drops. If the user successfully defeats the enemy on a particular wave, the next wave will be unlocked. After all 5 waves in a level have been completed, the next level will unlock. This will typically have harder enemies, which may grant more xp and better drops. Old levels can be replayed, however the particular wave that is played will be random.

Each wave has a particular enemy. Some enemies are considered much harder than others, meaning that a user might be stuck on a particular wave for a while.

Progressing through levels is useful primarily for drops. Harder levels may drop items that previous levels do not. A common example of drops are essences. By progressing to a particular level, essences may start dropping. These are required to craft more advanced gear (silver+).

More info available at Personal quests

List of creatures:

The Tower Edit

In the tower, users can fight in groups. The tower contains many floors, each of which contain 7 rooms and a boss. If a group decides to "Battle Deeper", they will fight each of the 7 rooms in succession, with no opportunity to heal in between. If a player has the "Official Attempt" checkbox ticked, tower points will be rewarded. Once there are enough total tower points, the boss will be unlocked. The boss's health does not regenerate between each attempts, meaning that the damage to kill it can be distributed between groups. Each person can only try the boss once per day. At the end of the day, the boss's health will be reset back to full. It may be necessary for the community to utilize many different groups to kill the boss.

By participating in the floor, a player has a chance to earn idols, keys and gold. These act as an individual incentive to encourage users to help with the tower. The likelihood of idols and keys, as well as the amount of gold can all be increased by increasing your contribution. This is the sum of the tower points that you, as an individual, has earned. Note that it is only your tower contribution - and only the rewards for the rooms - that is displayed. You can earn more gold and have a greater chance to earn idols and keys by participating in the boss. The more damage that your group does, the greater your boss reward will be.

More info available at Tower

Equipment and Stats Edit

The Combat Items region of the page displays a list of all the combat gear that you have, as well as all the edible food. From here items can be equipped. Left-clicking gear will replace the item in the Equipment region with the item clicked. Note that some weapons are two-handed, meaning that they cannot be equipped while a shield is. Attempting to equip a two-handed item will remove an equipped shield.

Beneath these is the Stats region. Each stat displayed shows you how strong you are in a particular region. Greater numbers mean that you are stronger in that region. The Skill Levels region shows you the level of each of the 4 combat skills - Attack, Defense, Health and Magic - as well as how far you are to levelling that skill up. By levelling up a skill, you will improve your stats and, in some cases, you will be able to equip items of a better tier.

Abilities Edit

The Equipped Abilities region shows which abilities you have equipped, up to a maximum of 5. Abilities can be unequipped from here, giving you space to equip a different ability. The Ability Library region displays every ability, with abilities that are not unlocked appearing as grey. Abilities can be equipped from here, provided that you have a free space. Hovering over an ability shows what that ability does, as well as telling you its name and level.

If you have an ability book, you can learn it from the Abilities tab. This will either unlock the ability, allowing you to equip and use it, or upgrade it, which makes it more effective. Ability books are crafted in the inscription tab, however some can drop from combat.

More about non magic abilties

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Adventures Edit

Adventures are a form of combat that run passively in the background. Pressing "Queue" by an adventures will it it to your list of active adventures. This queue has a maximum length of 3. Each adventure takes a specific length of time to complete, after which it will award you with xp. The amount of xp rewarded is influenced by the length of the adventures, with longer ones giving more. Note that only 1 adventure runs at a time.

Adventures will regenerate over time, up to some limit. The names of the adventures available are the same as the room names for the current floor. The drops from the adventure is similar [or perhaps identical] to the drop from that room.

More info about adventures

Group Edit

This tab allows you to join a group, which allows you to fight the tower with up to 4 other players. This can give you a huge advantage in combat, as you will survive much longer while dealing much more damage. In fact, it is typically beneficial for the boss to be attempted in groups of 5. While this consumes 5 boss attempts instead of 1, it will likely result in more damage per attempt. Groups allow 1 or 2 people to focus on tanking the enemy damage (made possible by the taunt ability), while the rest focus on dealing heavy damage or healing the tanks.

You start a group by inviting the people you want to the group. It is beneficial to ask for groups members first (either via the in-game chat or discord). Inviting random people will likely be unsuccessful. Once a group has been made, the leader (the person who invited the members) can start a tower battle. Every member in that group will participate in the battle. A battle cannot be started if someone has too little energy, someone is in a battle, or - in the case of the boss - someone has already used their attempt.

This tab also displays info about each of the members, including their health and any food effects. This can also be seen in a sidebar regardless of the current tab.

Party Mechanics: Drops and Experience Edit

There are advantages and drawbacks to parties, in particular they affect drops and XP. Every player after the first contributes a bonus 20% to drop rates & 16% to XP rates and the final number is then split across party members.

Number of Players Total Drop Rate Effective Drop rate Total XP Rate Effective XP rate
1 100% 100% 100% 100%
2 120% 60% 116% 58%
3 140% 47% 132% 44%
4 160% 40% 148% 37%
5 180% 36% 164% 33%

Battle Log Edit

This displays a list of your recent battles. It shows you the battle name, whether or not it was successful, any rewards given and the time and date of the battle.

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