Users can get a variety of drops from the tower. These are useful as they progress through the tower.

Personal Quest Edit

Floors Abilities Wood Ore Gold Items
Floor 1-4 Accuracy 1

Magic Wisdom 1

Pine Stone 25
Floor 5-9 Defense up 1 Pine Copper 50
Floor 10-14 Defense up 1 Beech Tin 75

Brown Wizard Shirt/Shorts/hat

Floor 15-19 Health up 1 Ash Bronze 100
Floor 20-24 Attack up 1 Oak Iron 125
Floor 25-29 Attack up 1 Oak Iron 125
Floor 30-34 Attack up 1 Oak Iron 125
Floor 35-39 Maple Silver 250 Silver Essence
Floor 40-44 Maple Silver 250 Silver Essence
Floor 45-49 Walnut Silver & Gold 400 Silver & Gold Essence, Gold Pickaxe, Gold Axe, Silver Axe
Floor 50-54 Walnut Silver & Gold 400 Silver & Gold Essence


Carbon Essence, Carbon Scroll,

Chrysanthemum Seed (Sells for $$$)

Ability Explanations

  • Accuracy (passive) level 1 - +8 Accuracy (+6 per level)
  • Magic Wisdom (active) level 1 - +20% Magic power for 5 min, costs 15+20% of MP health, 24 hours cooldown
  • Defense Up (Passive) Level 1 - +6 Defense (+4 per level)
  • Health - +6% Health (passive), +2% per Level
  • Attack Up (Passive) Level 1 - +10% Attack (+5% per level) [confirmed FL24]
  • Phantom Strikes (Passive) Level 1 - 10% chance to attack twice. Extra attack deals 70% damage (+10% per lvl)
  • Spiked Armor (Passive) Level 1 - Reflect 30% damage taken as magic damage. (+5% per lvl)

Tool Drops

There's a small chance to drop a bar, dagger, axe or pickaxe made from the same ore that the floor drops. For example, floor 10-14 might drop a tin pickaxe.

Tower / Personal Quest Exclusive Drops:

  • Head
    • Horned Helmet: Adds Attack and Accuracy, No Defense
  • Off Hand
    • Kite Shield: Adds Health/Armor, Reduces Attack Speed. Reference:
    • Spirit Shield: Adds Health/Magic Resist
  • Weapon
    • Scimitar: 1 handed weapon
    • Broad Sword: 2 handed weapon
    • Trident: Mage Weapon
    • Wand: Mage Weapon
  • Other Equipment
    • Mining Hammers: Alternate to Pickaxe

The Tower Edit

Note that these drops are based on attacking the entire floor (beating all 6 waves sequentially) unless otherwise noted

Floor 1

  • Lettuce
  • Lettuce seed
  • Rubia Flower Seed
  • Pine log
  • Stone
  • Primitive pickaxe
  • Primitve Axe
  • 25 gold
  • [Cow Poo r2] Primitive axe
  • [Flower field r4] Accuracy up tome

Floor 2

  • [R4] Brown Wizard - Brown Wizard Hat, Brown Wizard Shirt, Brown Wizard Pants, Brown Trident, Copper Wand
  • [R5] Spiked armor
  • [R7] Rabbits - Tin Horned Helmet, Tin Scimitar

Floor 3

  • 30x Polished Stone (Crafting)
  • Agrimony Seed (Farming/Inscription)
  • [Herb Garden R3] Lavender Plant (Inscription)
  • Juniper Plant (Inscription)
  • Bronze Mining Hammer (Mining)
  • Bronze Horned Helmet (Equipment)
  • Phantom Strikes (Skill)
  • Lightning Dart (Skill)
  • Spiked Armor (Skill)
  • Bronze Dwarven Idol (Mining)
  • Tin Dagger (Equipment)
  • [Herb Garden R3] Brown wizard hat

Floor 4

  • Blue Mage - Blue Mage Hat, Blue Mage Shirt, Blue Mage Pants, blue mage trident, Spirit Shield
  • health up(1)
  • elemental shield(1) [costs 2500 if you sell it]
  • iron idol
  • lavender

Floor 5

  • poison fragments shard (can be sold for 4)
  • beech staff
  • Silver Hammer (Mining)

Boss drops Edit

Stats/effects Requirements
Floor 1 Shark Tooth neckalce
Floor 2 Snake skin chest a chest piece that gives hp,defense and accuracy level 20 defense
Floor 3 Bone Kings axe Deal 40% damage to another enemy level 30 attack
Floor 4 Spartan spear a spear with magic defense
Floor 5 Druids hat Emergency heal an ally below 30% for 250% mp

also gives up to a 15% boost to healing done

level 15 magic
Floor 6 Gold crown scroll a scroll that teaches you how to craft gold crown level 31 crafting

Adventure drops Edit

Adventure also have some chance of giving a drop if it is a success. If it is a failure, it only grants XP and no drop.

Non-confirmed: the chances are the same when short, long or epic.

Non-confirmed: drop has exact % of drop in adventures like in a battle with the same creature.

Drops are the same as battling the same creature. Drop % is not the same.


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