Equipment dump.

Many of us have some equipment. Some of equipment can be crafted. Many other is drop only (boss, floors).

We can easily tell the % range on craftable equips, but no on drop only. From the item we have we can only get the minimum stats only (no max). So one of the only ways to get those stats is to calculate them; all that needs some samples of 2-3 items (since items have several "features" on it).

Part 1.

How to retrieve data Edit

The best way is through Browser Console.

Go to Browser Console.

  • Get all
    • Paste:
    • copy(Meteor.connection._mongo_livedata_collections.items.find().fetch())
    • Here you are, all in your clipboard!
  • Get items of the specified type (you have its "name")
    • Paste:
    • copy(Meteor.connection._mongo_livedata_collections.items.find({itemId: "gold_broad_sword"}).fetch())
    • You can use anything instead of "gold_broad_sword"
    • Here you are, all in your clipboard!

Long lists: how to add to wiki Edit

Long lists wouldn't add via "visual" editor here. Use classic editor first, then go to "source" mode.

Then just paste to the source mode all you have got from the code above (and stored in the clipboard (ctrl+v)) to the new "dump" page you add.

What is next Edit

Here is what we have. With that info you might be able to count the ranges of the items (we have min values, but not max values).

We move some info deeper in wiki.

Dumps Edit

Yes, it is too long. So link.

If someone would ever need to make some calcs, you might take into account that the values might be a bit outdated. But still (and some are useless, like well-known axes etc, but at least gold value).