Farming is 1 of the 7 methods of progression in the game. The Farming tab can be unlocked for free from the moment you start the game. Farming gives you different types of plants.

You buy seeds at the Seed Shop, which you then plant on a Farming Plot. 4 plots are available, unless the Farming Upgrade is bought in the Premium Shop which increases the amount of plots to 6. Plants grow over time, and can be harvested once fully grown by clicking on them.

Food Edit

Various kinds of plants useful for Combat. There are two kinds of food: Instant food and and Slow Food. Instant food heals an amount of HP or Energy when used in the Equipment & Stats page, but has to be digested for a while before you can eat more. Slow Food regenerates HP or Energy over a period of time.

You start the game with 5 pieces of Lettuce for free.

Name Effect Cost LVL Time Gold to sell XP Gold




Lettuce Seed Heals for 75hp instantly. 
But takes 120s to finish digesting.
3 1 60s 1 3 -120 180
Lemon Seed Regenerates 9 energy over 300s 100 2 5m 50 15 -600 180
Grapefruit Seed Heals for 125hp instantly. 
Digests over 120s
10 3 5m 20 12 120 144
Red Apple Seed Heals for 300hp over 70s 20 5 10m 50 50 180 300
Pear Seed Heals for 150hp over 25s 30 8 5m 70 20 480 240
Pineapple Seed Heals for 400hp instantly. 
Digests over 180s
100 10 15m 100 100 0 400
Watermelon Seed Heals for 200hp over 10s 200 15 15m 150 110 -200 440
Potato Seed Heals for 2250hp over 900s 100 20 10m 100 100 0 600
Carrot Seed Heals for 350hp over 10s 300 20 10m 100 150 -1200 900
Dragonfruit Seed Heals for 400hp instantly.

Regenerates 4 energy and 450 health over 180s

300 25 20m 100 500 -600 1500
Orange seed Heals for 550hp instantly.

Digests over 180s

250 35 15m 200 150 -200 600
Sweet Potato seed Heals for 2970hp over 900s 250 35 10m 100 200 -900 1200
Banana seed Heals for 650hp over 13s 400 40 10m 100 300 -1800 1800


Trees can be planted to gain Logs and a lot of Farming xp. However, as trees take a long time to grow they are not a very viable alternative to Woodcutting. Useful to gain a lot of xp whenever you are AFK.

Name Effect Cost LVL Time XP
Pine Seed Used to grow pine log. Long time to grow, gives good exp. 25 1 8h 600
Beech Seed Used to grow beech log. Long time to grow, gives good exp. 100 5 8h 800
Ash Seed Used to grow ash log. Long time to grow, gives good exp. 200 10 8h 1000
Maple Seed Used to grow maple log. Long time to grow, gives good exp. 500 20 8h 1200
Walnut Seed Used to grow walnut log. Long time to grow, gives good exp. 600 25 8h
Cherry Seed Used to grow walnut log. Long time to grow, gives good exp. 700 30 8h
Mahogany Seed Used to grow walnut log. Long time to grow, gives good exp. 800 35 8h 3000
Elk Seed Used to grow walnut log. Long time to grow, gives good exp. 900 40 8h 3200

Herbs Edit

Herbs, or flowers, are used in Inscription to create Pigments. One flower is equal to one Pigment.

Name Effect Cost LVL Time XP
Rubia Flower Seed Used to grow rubia flower. Useful for inscription.

(Red 255)

50 2 2m 15
Basil Seed Used to grow basil. Useful for inscription.

(Green 255)

250 4 5m 15
Pink Rose Seed Used to grow a pinkish rose. Useful for inscription.

(Red 200)

500 5 5m 30
Endive Seed Used to grow an endive. Useful for inscription.

(Green 200)

1.0k 6 5m 30
Juniper Seed Used to grow a juniper. Useful for inscription.

(Blue 255)

1.5k 7 10m 50
Agrimony Seed Used to grow a agrimony. Useful for inscription 15k 12 1h 100

Other Plants Edit

There are some other plants which do not fit these descriptions:

Name Effect Cost LVL Time Gold to sell XP
Cactus Seed Looks prickly 25 6 1h 1 300
Marigold Seed Sells for $$$ 50 9 15m 250 1

Loot-only Plants Edit

There are sevelar plants, seeds in specific, that can be received as a loot.

Name Effect LVL Time Gold to sell XP
Chilli Seed 15 1h 300
Chrysanthemum Seed 18 8h 4000 100
Acai Berry Seed Heals for 270hp over 30s 24 5 min 100 35
Celery Seed 20 1h 1000 50
Feverfew seed 30 24 5000 50

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