Once upon a time there was a land "eternity tower". It has been populated by many creatures. Is is rumorred that they lived in peace.

But about June 30, 2017 the release has been started. So the World has been infated by lots of players. Who wants to fight with them.

This page is supposed to gather some inflormation about the Creatures living here.

Remember! They are definetely not our enemies, it is players who invaded. We shall treat those Creatures with respect.

Formula for defence and magic defense Edit

Creatures have armor and magic armor.

Here is the formula:


makes it simple to understand that

100 armor = 100/200 = 50%

200 armor = 100/300 = 33.34% etc

Moreover, there is unconfirmed infomation about the dodge/hit chance. It is acc / (def + acc). But it is hard to test.

We can't get their exact values everywhere (maybe), but we can get relative figures armor/magic armor.