This page is supposed to be used for some other stat dumps.

One of the issues is multi-creature-populated waves of PQ (and not only PQ).

So we will try to gather some stats as well (maybe all stats on all kind of multi-creatured room to find the paatern between the number of the creautes and their stats).

However, we might need more rooms and different number of creatures encountered

Grasshopper Edit



  "grasshopper-PQ85.5": {

    "health": 2703.4,

    "healthMax": 2703.4,

    "attack": 65.4,

    "magicPower": 32,

    "attackMax": 82.8,

    "attackSpeed": 0.5,

    "accuracy": 121.7,

    "armor": 96.13,

    "defense": 67.95,

    "magicArmor": 125.95,

    "criticalChance": 0,

    "criticalDamage": 2,

    "damageTaken": 1,

    "attackSpeedTicks": 8