Mining is the 1st of 7 methods of progression in the game. Mining can give you stone, ores and mining xp.


Your mineshaft will fill up over time with ores and stone based upon that amount of each prospector. Each prospector increases the likelihood over its specific ore occuring. You unlock prospectors upon reaching a specific mining level and are given one for free. After this, prospectors can be hired for gold and also fired, which can be used if his ore become redundant.

Active MiningEdit

While your pickaxe has energy, you can click on ore in order to mine it. This will reduce the amount of ore remaining in that stack. Upon clearing the stack, you will be rewarded 1 of the corresponding ore, which will be added into your inventory. Different pickaxes can be crafted and then equipped. This will change your active mining capability. Higher-tier pickaxes (such as a copper pickaxe instead of a primitive) are typically stronger.

Passive MiningEdit


Some ore can be mined even while your browser is closed. This can be achieved by buying miners. The Extra Passive Damage stat on pickaxes increases the rate of mining.

Mining items Edit

There are several classes of mining items.

Pickaxes is the most basic mining item and can crafted and thus easy to be obtained. They have an average active and passive mining power.

Idols have a high extra passive damage but a neglectable active damage, thus they are generally used when player is away from keyboard. Idols can be obtained from reward of tower progress contribution, or from certain rooms in the tower.

Mining hammers, which can be obtain from certain rooms in tower, have a high active damage and maximum charge, but a small passive damage bonus. It is designed for active mining.

In general, at least in low tier (iron or before), using pickaxes have a higher mining efficiency when playing full effort when comparing with idols.

Overview Edit

There are several tabs at Mining:

  • Mning pit
  • Equipment
  • Miners
  • Prospectors

Mining pit Edit

Mining pit provides two general types of ore: prospector-searchable and prospector-independent.


Name Gold to sell Exp to mine HP of ore
Stone Cluster


1 (for 1) 20 100
Copper Cluster


2 (for 1) 50 200
Coal Cluster (10) 5 (for 1) 100 350
Tin Cluster (10) 3 (for 1) 150 750
Bronze Cluster (10) 5 (for 1) 200 1500
Iron 10 35 300
Silver 20 50 500
Gold 30 70 750
Carbon 40 90 1300
Steel 50 120 2000

Prospector-independent ore:

Name Gold to sell Exp to mine HP of ore
Gem - 40 150
Silver essence 200 50 500
Gold essence 250 70 750
Carbon essence 275
Steel essence 300 140 2k
Platinum essence 325 150 4k
Lapis Lazuli 2500 1000 15k
Sapphire 2500 3000 45k
Emerald 2500 9000 135k

Equipment Edit

In general there are several types of equipment:

  • pickaxe
    • craftable
    • balance between passive and active
  • idol
    • loot only
    • big passive
    • practically no energy
  • mining hammer
    • loot only
    • low passive
    • has plenty of energy

Miners Edit

Here is the list of costs to hire miners (apart of axes they need to work with). You cannot fire miners once you've hired them.

The formula of increasing "damage per hour" is +36 every tier per each miner.

Type Cost Lvl of mining Damage per Hour
Primitive 50 1 252
Copper 150 2 360
Tin 500 5 396
Bronze 2.5k 10 432
Iron 7.5k 15 468
Silver 20.0k 20 504
Gold 50.0k 25 540
Carbon 100.0k 30 576
Steel 200.0k 35 612

Prospectors Edit

Here is the list to hire prospectors. If you fire themm, you won't get back your money.

Type Cost Lvl of mining
Stone 5 1
Copper 20 2
Coal 20 2
Tin 50 5
Bronze 100 10
Iron 200 15
Silver 400 20
Gold 600 25
Carbon 1k 30
Steel 1.3k 35

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