What is a user script? Edit

User scripts are small modifications made to your browsing experience. For Eternity Tower players, these are scripts which assist your playing experience in small, mostly cosmetic ways. Below is an example using Pete's Eternity Tower Mining Details.

Without Script With Script
Ore names revealed

Are user scripts allowed? Edit

According to the rules found here:

  • Botting - Not allowed, will result in permanent ban
  • Macros - No, all actions must be 1:1
  • Client addons - Fine, although must be read only. If it's performing actions for you, that's considered botting.

To clarify, you may have a script which reads information from the game and uses that information in a helpful or useful way, as long as the script doesn't perform actions (such as button clicks). A macro is a type of shortcut, allowing multiple commands to be bound to a single command (such as a button press triggering all of your combat abilities at the same time).

Greasy Fork, and the user scripts referenced on this page are considered 'Client Addons'.

Getting Started as a Player Edit

  1. Install Script Manager
  2. Install Userstyle Manager
    1. Stylish has been comprimized for sending users' browser history to its servers[1].
    2. Use Stylus, or something else instead:

Scripts Edit

+ (mefail's and julepalme's)

Script Ideas Edit

Userstyles Edit (Aes Sedai's dark mode)