Woodcutting is 1 of the 7 methods of progression in the game. The Woodcutting tab can be unlocked when the player has crafted a primitive axe. There are only passive elements to Woodcutting. Woodcutting gives you different types of wood and woodcutting xp.

Woodcutters Edit

You can hire woodcutters for the price of some gold and one axe. Prices go up as the woodcutters increase in tier. Unlike miners, the quality of the axe is reflected in the statistics of the woodcutter. This results in faster wood collection, multiple drops per collection, and the likelihood of getting rarer drops.

Suicidal FuryEdit

Woodcutters cannot be fired, but instead activate Suicidal Fury. This causes the woodcutter to chop wood faster for 60 seconds, after which the woodcutter dies. This can be used to buy new tiers of woodcutters, or as a more active way of chopping wood when you have a lot of axes and money but need logs quickly.

Woodcutting levels and logs Edit

Higher woodcutting levels unlock new woodcutters you can hire. Axe crafting requirements are listed on the crafting page.

Moreover, the more type there is, the more additional, among others, type of logs you can get.

Type Level Gold cost Axe required Type of logs
Farmer 1 20 Primitive Axe Pine Log
Copper Lumber Jack 4 100 Copper Axe + Beech Log
Tin Lumber Jack 9 250 Tin Axe + Ash Log
Bronze Lumber Jack 15 500 Bronze Axe + Oak Log
Iron Lumber Jack 20 2000 Iron Axe + Maple Log
Silver Lumber Jack 25 5000 Silver Axe + Walnut Log
Gold Lumber Jack 30 10,000 Gold Axe + Cherry Log
Carbon Lumber Jack 35 25,000 Carbon Axe +Mahogany
Steel Lumber Jack 40 50,000 Steel Axe +Elm
Platinum Lumber Jack 45 100,000 Platinum Axe +Black
Titanium Lumber Jack 50 200,000 Titanium Axe
Tungsten Lumber Jack 55 300,000 Tungsten Axe